Walls of water

The aim of the CIRCLES concept is to set a counterpoint to dark , stifling steam saunas. It was designed an open, circular room whose walls consist of water curtains. Such conditioned space is accessible from all sides. Nevertheless, it can prevail a different climate in the interior.
At its top, the space is limited by a multi-layered glass roof, is directed to the sides by the rapidly flowing water and deflected in a uniform, full sheet of water. Optionally can be passed through another layer of water vapor, which is effectively turned swirls on the sides in the room. The outlet openings for the major part of the steam is located at the lower part of the centrally positioned pillar which supports the roof glass. Integrated in the glass roof is optional a standing water whose wave structures are projected by means of light into the interior of the room.


  • Backlit round glass roof in which a concentric flowing out film of water flows, which is deflected to the sides so that a uniform curtain of water created, through which one can enter the interior of the room.
  • A centrally arranged column supports the roof structure and has outlet openings for water vapor.
  • Optionally, the roof structure may consist of several layers and additionally carry out part of the water vapor alternating with a slow-moving water surface with it. In this way, different lighting scenes and reflection patterns generated in the interior of the room.

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