Swim without getting wet

In the COLUMNS concept you can immerse yourself in a chaotic pendulum system of water columns. Transparent, different high and thick plexiglas columns, filled with water, are connected to one another via a pipe system. A pressure pulse to the system brings this to swing and allows the water levels in the columns vary – a wave-shaped spatial pattern arises. Through light-emitting means placed in the columns, the flow of water is projected into the room. A new space of experience is created, which can be best described by the term a “dry wave”. In addition, the columns will produce a sound which is dependent on the water level. The plan is an interaction of the room with the people over sensors and apps.


  • a darkened room is equipped with different water columns in diverse heights and thickness in such a manner so that, ideally, the height and thickness of the columns are larger in the center of the room.
  • All water columns are interconnected by a tube system, so that a pressure pulse enables the complete system in a chaotic pattern of vibrations. Each column of water thus affecting the levels of the other columns.
  • In the middle of the columns additional tubes are fitted with LEDs that are controlled individually and project the moving water levels in the room. The columns are using an acoustic emission transducers to “sound columns” and give off individual and dependent on the particular level tones. All parameters interact with the people who are in the room (e.g. via attached on the body sensors or in space sensors which measure the movement).
  • COLUMNS is a scalable room concept that achieves the best effect if the room is big enough and the people can move slowly between the columns.

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