The space becomes an instrument

Inspired by the little-studied world of the deep sea, a cube-shaped room concept was developed with DEEPSEA, which consists of all 6 sides of several translucent wall, ceiling and floor panels. A total of 10,000 LED elements (at a room size of 3 x 3 x 3 meters) are arranged on these layers and can be controlled individually. Three-dimensional illuminated patterns emerge in this way slowly from a distance, change your color, pass and disappear into nothingness.

By means of transducers in the walls are, due to the cubic structure, generated so-called acoustic room modes, which should be avoided in the acoustic design usually. In contrast there are created ideal and thus free variable space modes based on a specific software. The spatial mode is thus itself to the speaker and it can generate sounds whose origin is moved freely in space. The room itself becomes the instrument and orchestra.
Without a three-dimensional projection that is based on camera data from deep sea special grade cameras, a real sense of a world is created, which appears strange to us at first glance. Just as we speak from our inner space addition, even the DEEPSEA room makes conatct with its environment. Complex thought structures inside give a new appearance. We are entering a new world, but we are still familiar. As in the womb, we perceive something is not known (deep) and yet have a sense of familiarity.
The aim is to create an environment that creates not known and thus interpretable spatial experiences, for example like in the form of a simulation. Experiences base on information which is associated with experiences. Without the information “Deep Sea” and associated experiences (images) the terminology would be eliminated altogether. In place of the terminology enters our imagination.


  • Dark room with one or more treatment beds. The walls, ceiling and floor elements are constructed of translucent material in several layers. Integrated RGB LED elements, that can be individually controlled, convey three-dimensional light patterns.
  • The walls serve as speakers and the sounds are rotated by means of special body sound transducers in vibration.
  • The room concept Deepsea creates – due to the interpretation of the environment of the deep sea – a new reality in which light therapy modes of action combined with sound, use a previously unknown and therefore not biased trigger. This effect leads to an absolute deep relaxation and can increase the effectiveness of body treatments.
  • Creatures from the deep sea are the inspiration but should not be simulated in terms of a projection. A world that is perceived three-dimensional, is formed.
  • Profiles in “dive and resurface sequencing” can be simulated by changing the base color of every wall.
  • The outer sides of the room can be carried out similarly.

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