Nearly weightless

Almost weightless, a bed surface made of concrete is raised from the water at the concept STONEFLY. On the bed surface there is space for several people. The internally and externally shaped as a spherical segment concrete surface has recessed glass cutouts and is mounted swinging in a matching counterpart on flowing water. Light that is emitted from the counterpart, occurs depending on the position of the bed surface by the glass cutouts, creating light reflections on the ceiling.


  • Water submerged and thus freely rotatable bed surface of concrete or artificial stone (polyresin). The water comes out at the edge of the bed surface and falls into a gorge or a pool of water. According to the circumstances a distinctive sound is created and the room climate is improved.
  • In the lying surface transparent surfaces are admitted through – depending on the rotation / position – passing light of headlights from the counterpart. Depending on the light source, shape and position of the transparent surface of the mattress arise different patterns on the ceiling.
  • STONEFLY is freely scalable, and can be installed at ground level, but also at any height. In companies or wellness- and spa-areas STONEFLY enables new perspectives and creates completely new possibilities of relaxation.

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