New Perspectives

A symmetrically shaped Plexiglas surface is mounted swinging freely on a water surface. Depending on the design and shape, several people can take a wide variety of sitting or lying positions on the surface. The Plexiglas surface can be walked on the ground or on a pedestal. The pond may have arranged concentrically increases that are flooded by water. Alternatively, a shallow, standing water level is possible, which expresses through sound transducers on its surface so called Chladni patterns. By means of on the pool frame mounted illuminants the resulting patterns are mirrored in the Plexiglas surface. The bed surface itself can set itself into vibration, due to the freely swinging, both by physical force (movement on the surface) as well as by acoustic excitation (sound transducer).


  • One or more persons can take place on an organically designed / multiple curved Plexiglas or glass bed surface in different lying / sitting positions.
  • The surface is mounted freely swinging on a water surface.
  • By assuming a position lying on your stomach, it is possible to look at the water surface and thus to experience new perspectives.
  • The water surface is designed in such a manner that the water runs from the center through a wave-shaped bottom to the sides.
  • Alternatively, a shallow pool of water that is displaced by specially developed Exciter speakers vibrate, figures (called Chladni patterns) are generated, which are reflected by appropriate lighting in the overlying Plexiglas surface.
  • In addition, the lying surface can be brought ​​to sound by Exciter speakers. Depending on sitting or lying position, the sound is always again perceived differently across the body or the ear.
  • The surface interacts by means of light and acoustic reflections with the surrounding space and can also be used for example in the entrance areas of a company.

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