Water is force

Water means force. We imply continuity, vitality and security, but also – and this is often forgotten – danger. Nevertheless, we trust on this elemental force. The concept TORUS takes up this polarity: A protective transparent relaxation room, which describes the shape of a donut is, outside flushed and rinsed by the water, while forming a water vortex in the center. Light reflections and the sounds of the vortex flow through the space by means of completely new sound and lighting technology.


  • The TORUS relaxation room, describes the shape of a donut (ring vortex) and is fully or partially made ​​of transparent Plexiglas. Depending on the size and field, combinations with other transparent or translucent materials are used.
  • In the middle of the room, a swirl (vortex) is formed out of the flowing water. The vortex is illuminated from above and below. The outer area is fully or partially covered by a tranquil water film. Light reflections – starting from the swirling water – flood the room.
  • The sounds from the water are transferred to the space by means of sound transducers or speakers.

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