Multivariable dynamic concepts that respond individually to guests and create an honest feel-good atmosphere

Our goal is to set a counterpoint to the well-known colorful decorations, which are in the majority of cases a conglomerate of various health philosophies from all around the world, ill-founded by an architectural philosophy out of glass and concrete. While many manufacturers of home furnishings and accessories be geared to the needs of architects, we set value on the needs of your customers – so, for example, the guests of a spa or hotel.

We deliberately forego escapist and artificially style dialogs. A room concept itself should be consistent and should not impose on the guest. With AQUAMENTAL SPA we try to meet these requirements. We advise you in terms of not only the integration of our AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts but also develop completely new concepts. Here we are focused on following points: 

The industrial engineer Daniel Lathan is an audiologist, psychoacoustician, designer, marketer, entrepreneur and lecturer. His experience is based on own architecture psychological approaches, psycho-acoustic research and years of experience in the fields of light and acoustic design combined with its commitment as a university lecturer, inter alia, in the areas of personal development and creativity.

Based on the implicit novelty his room concepts create a sense of space that allows new experiences, by failing to put previous in question, but strengthens without recalling and re-activating old memories and schemata. So the AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts effect not a continually cost-intensive rejuvenation based on known architectural elements, but they are multivariable, dynamic concepts that respond individually to the guests and create an honest feel-good atmosphere. The latter is finally the very own interest of a spa. Our consulting and design services: