From the adaptation of existing AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts to completely new ideas:

Although the statement “you have to appeal to all the senses in a wellness and spa” sounds quite understandable at first glance, but it is completely empty content. Because you can also overstimulate the senses. Actually you are scented, cannonaded, illuminated, cuddled, snack-packed and filled with drinks and parallel still have to view the current Ikea or “Asia – furnishing shop online shipping portal offer” – with the single aim: to buy. It starts with the holistic beauty-product and ends with the holistic wellness-feel-good-clothing and cosy-home-relaxation-zone-accessories.

The spa- and wellness-area degenerates becoming a warehouse, because many hoteliers have miscalculated with the new building or modification. Because real relaxation and wellness packages for your guests just do not provide sales per square foot – at least not with a classical approach of cost planning. So in a rush there were built in deviding walls for treatment cabins and established retail spaces. What was changed so far out of necessity, is now planned from the first.

However, a few exceptions confirm: Honest relaxation worlds serve the customer loyalty. Together we are developing concepts for the implementation and integration of the AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts that are worthwhile. The AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts create transitions and no illusory worlds. The aim is to lead the guest slowly and individually into relaxation and a de-stressing process and – and that’s usually the problem – to achieve lasting effects.

This is exactly where the AQUAMENTAL SPA room concepts start in. Organic, symbolism and imagination are closely linked. We generate room concepts that adapt to our bodies and create identities. Thus, there are generated application possibilities, as treatment rooms, relaxation rooms, waiting areas and creative spaces in: